Change Log - 10/14/2019


  • Added the quota maximum daily email to send for each device alert. the setting can set by each device or by a global setting
  • Now the defaults device GPRS commands are shown on the device settings
  • New layout sort for the device setting
  • Added the creation date time for the devices and users in the information section
  • Added the invoices and subscriptions status filter
  • Now the invoices based on activation code can be transferred between users
  • Added help tooltip to help the offline devices on the marker on the map
  • Added custom icons for iOS
  • Added the Suntech series 900 protocol
  • Added the tracking code to get traffic statistics site by Google Analytics
  • Added the debug option for the devices to get the raw data packages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the statistics time zone
  • Fixed the statistics duplicate values on speed report
  • Fixed The statistics graphs width