Change Log - 11/19/2018


  • Added alerts notified by SMS provided by Plaspy
  • Added on the map send commands by SMS by Plaspy
  • Added the save button on the top menu for the map, statistics, and SMS
  • Added delay to StreetView preview of one second and rising for each request, five milliseconds, if the window has no focus the preview is not updated
  • Added SMS headers for SMS Gateway
  • Now the alert settings show the last notified date time by email
  • Now the alerts have by default the creator user time zone and it does not have the admin user time zone.
  • Now when Plaspy fix the date time for the tracker stores the original date time in the attributes field odate

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the email notification when the alerts finish successively.
  • Fixed a bug when the checkpoints are stored
  • Added Meiligao protocol sensor status