Change Log - 01/29/2018


  • Now the you can add text to marker popup on the map
  • Updated mobile version for Android and iOS
  • Added the web servers check on the health page
  • Deleted the warning message "Maximum devices reached" for the not admin users.
  • Now the sub-admins can add phones to track
  • Rewrited popup marker on the map to make responsive icons and text.
  • Added wizzard for device troubleshoting
  • Now the route line option is enabled when the keep points is checked

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed user privileges loading for the mobile version
  • Fixed the speed unit for Calamp protocol
  • Fixed the login package problem for EElink protocol
  • Added the GSM Signal for GT06 protocol
  • Added new status for Xirgo protocol
  • fixed last and next payment dates for subscriptions