Change Log - 07/25/2017


  • Begin the first large update, the servers software update, the update improves security and performance. one update from four.
  • Now Plaspy is available the port 9000 in UDP and TCP for devices with duplicated Id, that port adds ":0" to device's id.

Protocols fixes

  • GT06, fixed parsing when the location is 0
  • QuecLink, added 0x21 type to binary parser
  • Teltonika, fixed parsing events.
  • Condor, added door sensor (sensor 2) and windows sensor (sensor 3).
  • GPS103, fixed multiple event parsing.
  • H02, fixed multiple event parsing.
  • Meiligao, added event 0x5001
  • TK103, added event BZ00
  • Gator, fixed packages response.