To activate the serial in Factory IL GPS is necessary to have a user account on

  1. user Factory IL GPS
    • If you do not have a user on the homepage Factory IL GPS enter by choice Sign up in the top menu, fill in your data and create the account.
    • If you already have a user account in Factory IL GPS enter by choice Buy more devices in the upper right hand under his name.
  2. In the options must be entered in option I have an activation code which is the end of the discounts section.
  3. In prepaid enter the serial number for activation, then validate.
  4. Then out of the serial data, number of product type devices, etc. There then pressed enabled.
  5. It redirects to the page where the serial is effective, shows information such as the number of devices associated to our account and the expiration date.

To add a new device, you can go to the top menu next to your user name in the menu with the Gears Devices