In Plaspy several types of alerts among which are: Geofences or so-called permitted and prohibited areas. On the map in the left pane deploy the Alerts, Geofences option, there we will find 3 options Cursor, permitted and prohibited Zone Zone. Select the type of zone that we create, we can select it after you put a name to the area and proceed to mark the boundaries of the area, by clicking on the map, we can draw our area with few markers consider.

To move a marker is only necessary to drag it to where we need to remove only need to click on the bookmark you want to remove, to add a new zone just select the option permitted zone or prohibited area and were given the option to draw a new zone when we finish our edit the Apply button pressed areas, which areas edited apply to devices that are selected.

Allowed area: The device must be in this area.
Forbidden area: The device must no in this area.
Control area: Alert when the device ingress in this area.
Check Point: Alert when the device ingress or pass over this point, the checkpoint has 200 meters of radius.
Route: Alert when the device enters to the route, the route margin is 200 meters for each side.