For a complete tour of a device, we perform the following steps in the left panel

  1. Select the device or devices you want to see the route, removing and placing the selection boxes.
  2. Check “Show Route”.
  3. Choose the date time range to query.
  4. Press the Update button.

After these steps at the top we get the message "Loading". We hope to update the data, and we can see on the map the entire route reported by the device, can click on any point to see more information about this position, if we want to see all the detail of the positions, in the bottom right there is a button called Details, when pressed a list of all loaded positions on the map, with more information such as kilometers driven, idle time and if you have any active alert is displayed.

The summarize option shows only the markers with movement the static markers are skipped

Map Icons
/ Show a line joining the markers way
Cluster the closest markers
Shows all markers on the map if it's disabled only shows only the last marker

On the bottom, the map has a player control to play the route, navigating by the way and speed control