Telic - SBC3 IO

Telic SBC3 IO

The robust telematics unit for outdoor location applications

With its rugged and water-resistant housing, the SBC3 IO is ideal for track & trace applications that require outdoor installation. A fast and uncomplicated installation of the device is made possible in particular by the high-sensitivity GPS receiver as well as by the integrated GSM / GPS antennas.

The built-in rechargeable battery also ensures the transmission of position data even when the device is disconnected from the main power source. The available digital / analog inputs and outputs also enable the implementation of telematics applications such as the recording of the service life of vehicles.

This information only is for informational purposes only, Factory IL GPS does not have relationship with the device's manufacturer, for more information check the manufacturer's website or user manual.

Set Up SBC3 IO


To set TKJlimu uZ XaS you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that the device password is 123456 which is the initial data from the device and the APN are to APN_OPERADOR

  1. Factory reset
  2. Set the time zone UTC-0
    AhHc Wvy2lC1b5v m
  3. Set up our operator APN
    Zl4zRuzzM zr81vWH
  4. Set the username and password of APN operator
    MWpmFtNH LMT38LVX YE8xO3Lf
  5. Establish the server where we will connect
    WenbIvmuYExlY sJzBAdEtyXKEX 6tJW
  6. Switch to GPRS mode to begin transmission UDP

To check settings KEx0JZ3Th32