Suntech - ST 300V

Suntech ST300V GPS Vehicle tracker and Driving control focused on Fleet Management that need direct communication with the driver or hear in the cabin. ST300V can extract reports Can Bus vehicle with standard J1939/OBDII and 1-Wire interface allows a Driver identification.

The Suntech ST300V GPS tracking can be done through a Tracking Management Platform via Web or he sent SMS in receiving the current location ST300V with a link to Google Map.


  • Brand:Suntech.
  • Model:ST300V.
  • Target Market:Track & Trace, Vehicle recovery, Fleet Management, Telematics, 2-way messages w/drivers.
  • GSM band:Full quadband.
  • Voice:Yes.
  • Back up Battery:Yes.
  • Internal Memory:Yes.
  • Communication method:GPRS, TCP, UDP.
  • Position by:Time, Distnce, Angle change.
  • Sleep mode:Yes.
  • Digital Inputs:3.
  • Pre-defined inputs:Ignition.
  • Analogue Inputs:2.
  • Internal events based:Yes.
  • Antennas:GPS, GPS internal, GSM internal.
  • Casing:Plastic.
  • Extra Connectivity:Fix antennas, Mic/Spk, Fuel Sensors, Temp Sensors, Driver ID, 1-wire, Serial Port.
  • Can Bus:J1939, OBDII.
  • Made in:South Korea.


This information only is for informational purposes only, Factory IL GPS does not have relationship with the device's manufacturer, for more information check the manufacturer's website or user manual.

Set Up ST 300V


To set uRAkYed 0X ZEW you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that kDqVlxXFO is the last 9 numbers of IMEI excluding the last number.
for example, if the IMEI is JNYiOSWfLUoAWoA the device Id is NTr7aUcqo

Type the IMEI number Your uRAkYed 0X ZEW device ID is DfLPcl16PxzoATeV0B4uAbrx
  1. Reset the factory settings
    nXhr3U7HOTRVYUfhqTkvxTQ q B94ufQ36S3IQEEbof9dmpsfi3dWI60MUH1q3aNm8aV
  2. Set up our operator APN and server
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  3. Set interval to 60 seconds
    1yoVsyfVsVQuyWVWZVUmUyB 8 eDisATPf9Ii3wpj4XgN223SUHT9EgZ8Dwq0oPxUZFvupxbjtwaOykIGlu

To check settings OlrTL8kKfGGz4okLxxHIngp u PRGKJcojO4BMnG4wKfSVc32vomwV9dHr57E42ZACcgl9